Soya Derivatives Suppliers in India

Soya Derivatives Suppliers in India

Soya Derivatives Suppliers in India - Description

Aditya Engineers Pvt Ltd, one of the leading Soya Derivatives Suppliers in India has secured a great reputation in current competitive industrial market. In these fruitful years, we could deliver ample range of Soya Derivatives or equipment across Indian territories. As we are backed up with high contour oil technologists, we are able to manufacture and supply quality and effectivesoya derivative machinery.

These soya oil refinery machines offered by our Soya Derivatives Suppliers in India are capable to meet the global quality norms and hence they are opted by many Indian clients for extraction of soya oil. With the purchase of Aditya soya derivatives, you will get technical consultancy as well as expansion and annual maintenance of the product.

The offered oil expellers of Aditya produced by our best team of Oil Mill Plant Manufacturer India has utmost capacity of minimum 5-100 TPD in both round and vertical kettle designs that extracts 80-85% of the oil from oil bearing seeds. The remained solid particles after extraction with double and triple pressing consist of 7-10% of oil. These left over oils can be extracted further in the Solvent extraction mill. So, if you are in need of oil mill, then just reach us @

Business type of Aditya Engineering Pvt Ltd: Oil Mill Plant Manufacturer India: Manufacturer & Supplier

Area covered by Aditya Engineering Pvt Ltd:Oil Mill Plant Manufacturer India: India

The machinery offered by our soya derivatives suppliers in India usually performs the following processes:

  • Desolventisation:This process is usually carried out in the absence of direct steam. Such procedure enables high protein material for future use
  • Texturised Soya Protein:Here, the defatted soya flakes areseparated and put into holding binsbefore they get grounded. The holding bins are used for regulating the hammer mills.
  • Soya Meal Grinding:This process involves feeding the flakes obtained from flakes production machinery into the holding bins for getting 100mesh(approx) of soya oil.
  • Soya Lecithin: Next is refining of extracted oil.Here, the phosphate acts as the water remover from oil.

Finally, visit our site or give us a call @ M (91)-9390033953, L (91)-(40)-23074953 for any sort of inquiry regarding soya derivatives.

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