Vegetable Oil Refineries


The system is designed to fully refine, i.e. degum / neutralize, bleach, strip and deodorize and dewaxed oils. The Degumming / Neutralizing System are used as the first step in chemical refining referred to as Neutralizing.

Degumming & Neutralizing:

This step will generally produce oil with lower levels of residual phosphatides and less residual pigments and therefore require less bleaching earth in bleaching as well as help generate finished deodorized oil with a lighter color and longer shelf life.


The Bleaching System is based on treatment with bleaching earth followed by filtration.

DeWAXING: (In case of Rice Bran / Sunflower / Corn Oil)

Waxes are removed by cooling the oil in the crystallisers followed by filteration.


The High Efficiency Deodorizing System can be used for deodorizing of neutralized oils as well as stripping and deodorizing of high FFA oils as part of physical refining.

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Vegetable Oil Refineries
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