Vegetable Oil Refineries

Vegetable Oil Refineries


The system is designed to fully refine, i.e. degum / neutralize, bleach, strip and deodorize and dewaxed oils. The Degumming / Neutralizing System are used as the first step in chemical refining referred to as Neutralizing.

Degumming & Neutralizing:

This step will generally produce oil with lower levels of residual phosphatides and less residual pigments and therefore require less bleaching earth in bleaching as well as help generate finished deodorized oil with a lighter color and longer shelf life.


The Bleaching System is based on treatment with bleaching earth followed by filtration.

Dewaxing: (In case of Rice Bran / Sunflower / Corn Oil)

Waxes are removed by cooling the oil in the crystallisers followed by filteration.


The High Efficiency Deodorizing System can be used for deodorizing of neutralized oils as well as stripping and deodorizing of high FFA oils as part of physical refining.


The methods adopted for vegetables oils refining

  • Degumming
  • Neutralization
  • Bleaching
  • Dewaxing
  • Deodorization
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To redue the color of vegatable oil bleaching the oil is obtained from perviovs stages contains traces of soap, Colour pigments,phosphs lipids etc. this oil is mixed with activated earth to from a slurry .the slurry is dried under vaccum and then filtered to get clear bleached oil.


The bleached oil is the frist deactivated by coating under vaccum.The preheated oil enter in to the stripping section where the oil atlains the required tempature and stripping steam is injected to remove the FFA,color & odori pigments etc.The residence time will be maintained as per the type of oil to cool by under vacuum exchaning the oil with superiorshelf life sent heat to storage for filling


The bleached & dewaxed oil is first filtered of micro impurities in safety filters and pumped into the deodorizer/ de-acidifier for heat exchange with outgoing hot deodorized product and sent for effective de-aeration to remove distilled oxygen.the de-aerated feedstock will be preheated to 200 deg c and then to-deodorizing using a thermic fluid heating system in a preheating section of the deodorizer /de-acidifier

The required stirring is maintained by open steam sparging. During steady operation ,the deodorizer shell is maintained at 2 mmabs vaccum.the hot oil from pre-heater drop into the per-stripping section with open steam sparging. The carrier steam takes away all volatil components present in the oil like fatty acid,tocopherols,sterol,acteones,aldehydes etc these are recovered in the fatty acid condensing system provided in the plant design.