Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India

Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India

Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India - Description

After great success in supplying various oil machinery, we have now come up withVegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India. As we have gone through proper R&D and required analysis, our refinery plant for vegetable oil have been a great success. You will find maximum features and functionality aspects in our plant as it has been designed with keen dedication and supervision by our experts.

We are basically known as turnkey suppliers for plant & machinery in India since 2007. Till now, we have manufactured and delivered Solvent extraction plants, Soya derivatives including soya protein concentrate , Soya protein isolate and Soya lecithin, Palm oil mills, and of course the Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India. With these products, we offer complete technical consultancy, expansion and renewal services for the clients. So, trust us and purchase the vegetable oil refinery from our company at once.

The machinery regarding vegetable oil extraction works rapidly thereby giving the output very fast compared to other similar brands. It is highly safe and easy to use, hence it has been declared as No. 1 vegetable oil refinery plant in India. Find some more tips on vegetable oil refinery plants and mills @

Process description of Vegetable Oil Refinery Plant in India:

The product is capable to neutralize, bleach, strip and deodorize the unpolishedvegetable oils. The Degumming System is the first step in chemical refining of oil referred to as Neutralizing.

  • Neutralizing Process: Here, the machinery will produce oil with low level residual phosphatides using less residual pigment. Hence, it require less bleaching to generate finished deodorized oil that is evolved with lighter color and longer lifespan.
  • Bleaching: The Bleaching System is used to treat with bleaching earth that is again followed by filtration process.
  • DE-waxing(For Rice Bran, Sunflower or Corn Oil):The process removes all the wax particles by cooling the oil incrystallizers followed by filtration process.
  • Deodorization:This High Efficiency Deodorizing System is used for refreshingneutralized oils along with stripping and cleaning high FFA oils while refining.

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